Isaac Kankam-Okyere

Client Relations Manager

Isaac Kankam-Okyere is the client relations Manager at EQUITY HEALTH INSURANCE. Before joining Equity, He was the Head of the member care and case management unit of Apex Health Insurance having risen through the ranks from Health service management to client membership, and to client relations.

Isaac holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from Pentecost University College. He is a Dedicated Client Relations Manager with a passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences. Adept at building and nurturing strong client relationships to drive satisfaction and loyalty. Known for effective communication, problem-solving, and a proactive approach to ensuring client success. Proven ability to collaborate across teams to meet and exceed client expectations. Committed to fostering positive, long-lasting connections with clients.

His key skills include Relationship Building, Communication and Customer Satisfaction, Problem Resolution, Client Retention, Cross-Functional Collaboration, Account Management, and Strategic Planning.

Isaac enjoys attending industry events, staying updated on the latest client relations trends, and volunteering for local community engagement projects.