Collins Antwi

Healthcare Service Provider Relations Manager

Collins has over five (5) years of experience in Administration and Relationship Management in the Private Health Insurance Industry. He has previously worked direct savings and loans and Medcare Plus Clinic and is currently employed at Equity Health Insurance.

He possesses strong communication skills and has an unwavering sense of integrity. He is committed to accountability and upholds a strong ethical stance. Additionally, he is known for his transparency, innovation, and quick-wittedness.

Collins holds a degree in Banking and Finance from Central University, Accra. He has received training in Health Policy Planning and Management from Central University. Throughout his career, Collins has steadily progressed in Service Provider Management and currently serves as the Head of Service Provider Management for Equity Health Insurance.

In September 2021, Collins completed a course on Negotiation and Influence Skills for executives at GIMPA. As a result, he now represents Equity Health Insurance on the Private Health Insurance Association’s tariff negotiation committee. Collins has played a key role in numerous negotiations across the country.

Collins consistently demonstrates excellence in his performance and serves as a team lead. He is a diligent professional with a strong commitment to personal and organizational growth.